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Why do we show up at work every morning?

We are a Berlin based fresh and vibrant team that is excited about the opportunities 3D printing offers. We can review on a high level of expertise in the field of 3D printing service as we have offered our services and knowledge under the brand trinckle 3D for several years now.

We are continuously inspired by your creativity and ability to design your own 3D items.

Relatively high prices prove to be the crucial barrier which prevents many people from putting their high-quality 3D idea into effect. We intend to break this barrier and make the professional 3D printing service affordable for everyone – not only for the corporate customers. Your 3D idea deserves the best technology available on the market!

Therefore we founded MeltWerk to offer you a high-value 3D printing service for low prices.

Our experience enabled us to arrange effective and efficient processes – no loop holes and no unnecessary extras. We not only try to support you to put your 3D projects in effect as fast as possible but also reduce our production cost to a minimum amount.

The 3D printing industry offers a huge assortment of technologies, materials and colors. This exact variety is responsible for the high prices of 3D printing services. Hence, MeltWerk focuses on just one technology and one color. The method of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and the material white polyamide 12 turns out to be the perfect combination to offer you an all-purpose material and method that provides high-value quality for almost every 3D printing project with outstanding rates.

MeltWerk can offer everybody high-value quality and low prices as we collect your 3D projects and process them en masse which was previously only available for corporate clients.

Thank you so much for choosing us!

Your MeltWerk team